Outlook image dpi

Are your email signature images looking blurry, pixelated or fuzzy? Are they not looking crisp and clear like they should be? The easiest way to fix blurry images is to use high-resolution images and scale them down in HTML so they still look good when viewed on retina displays. Keep reading to find out how to fix the most common image problems with email signatures. The quickest way to fix this is to use a higher resolution image in your email signature, and scale the image down using the HTML height and width attributes, like the ones below:.

The most common reason images in email signatures become blurry is because of the scaling settings on your mobile device. With mobile phones, its not possible to change the scaling settings. However, with Windows or Apple Mac computers, you can adjust the scaling settings.

Scaling is essentially zooming. There is no problem doing this when everything on the computer is vector based in laymen terms, the resolution can grow and shrink because the elements simply increase in size and the resolution of them still remains crisp looking because they are vector based. However, if you have an image of your logothat image is rasterized.

When an image is rasterized, the resolution is limited to the number of pixels in the image and it cannot grow or shrink dynamically like a vector based image. This is where the problem happens. This results in each pixel having to cover more area, and this creates a blurry image. By default, Outlook wants all images to be at 96 DPI. To change the DPI value of an image in Photoshopfollow the below instructions.

However, this can become a problem if you use them for email signatures. If you use a PNG with a transparent background for your email signature, you will likely find that the image will look really pixelated and grainy when you use it with Outlook. If you need to adjust the image scaling or dimensions, use photo editing software instead.

You definitely should, but make sure that the image height and width attributes are the same as the actual image height and width.

outlook image dpi

Email signatures can be a tough nut to crack at times, simply because there are tons of compatibility issues between email clients. Something as simple as using the wrong image type can cause your email signature to look completely unprofessional.

Your email address will not be published. Search for:. Blurry Email Signature Images. Check Scaling Settings The most common reason images in email signatures become blurry is because of the scaling settings on your mobile device. What is scaling? Right click on the image in Windows Explorer and click Properties. Click on the Details tab and scroll down until you can see the Image heading and in there you will see Vertical Resolution and Horizontal Resolution.

The value in here is the DPI value of the image. Open the image in Photoshop. Also, ensure that Resample is ticked and set to Automatic. Save the image. Pixelated Email Signature Images. Wrap Up Email signatures can be a tough nut to crack at times, simply because there are tons of compatibility issues between email clients.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.Does Outlook sometimes make your email look like it was put through a garbage compactor and then fed through a taffy machine? Fonts are huge, tables look tiny and images are all out of whack?

DPI, or dots per inch, is a measure of how many dots or pixels can fit within a given space. This problem affects Outlook This will give you a sense of what your font, images or design will look like if a user has high DPI settings.

This display setting causes some parts of the email to scale in size, while others remain the same. In other words, Outlook converts pixels to points inconsistently throughout your email, so parts of your code will render differently. Perhaps more annoying is the fact that different versions of Outlook will handle the conversion in different ways Outlook will do it slightly different than Outlook or You can help control Outlook image scaling and increased font size in Outlook by making sure your email scales properly.

By making a few simple code modifications, you can ensure the email will look great on any DPI setting. This solution is easy. DPI scaling is hardly the only problem email developers face when coding for Outlook. Email on Acid offers unlimited email testing on more than 90 clients and devices, so you can make sure your email looks good before it hits the inbox.

Want to see for yourself? Take advantage of our free, seven-day trial. Test Today.

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Hailing all the way from England, Alex brings his email development expertise along with an endless stream of cups of tea and British cynicism. Follow him on Twitter: omgitsonlyalex. Came across this issue few days back and man really had no idea where to even start until came across Michael Muscats finding.

Many thanks to him for sharing this it did fix my problem. This is definitely gonna be a must for all future email codings unless microsoft comes up with something on this scaling issue. Also, you have a random closing in the code. We have struggled with this issue for years! I am so glad to have found this post. I am extremely new to the world of email design.

I am having a nightmare trying to figure out why even when I think I implement the above steps my emails still look horrible in Outlook and outlook DPI. Is there anyone willing to look at my code and help me figure out the probably stupid and simple issue I am not seeing.

Coding for DPI Scaling in Outlook 2007-2013

It would be much appreciated!!!! Cara, I would recommend posting this question in our forum, and including your code. If you do that, then I or somebody from the community will take a look at it! I just had to add the additional XML namespaces and the conditional comment to enable image scaling — even within the email preview.

I only know enough HTML to be confused.An image in your email signature can become unsharp when sending even when it still looked sharp when composing.

The cause of this issue lies in the way Outlook on Windows handles your image in combination with its dpi value. Outlook will rescale the image as if it was a 96 dpi image.

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Upon sending, Outlook will convert and compress re-render the images to 96 dpi with the new dimensions. Xink doesn't change your images at all. It will show the image in your signature in the exact same quality and with the precise number of pixels as you uploaded it in Xink.

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If you notice that the quality worse after the email is sent via Outlook, that is Outlook limitation, not Xink. Outlook scales images to 96 dpi size after the email is sent in Outlook, that is why if your uploaded images don't meet this requirement, you can be affected with the blurry image on the recipient side. Enter your search term here Xink doesn't change your images at all and thus doesn't change its quality.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Ask The Experts Free 1-on-1 Session.The State of Email Report: Get a comprehensive look at the data, trends, and innovations that shape the email industry in and beyond. Credit to jmwhite from campaignmonitor for getting the ball rolling on this. You might have had this problem before. The email you've painstakingly built finally works and even looks great in Outlook, but increasingly you are being sent screenshots from Outlook that don't look anything at all like what you sent.

Fonts are blown out, tables appear crunched, eventually you track down the problem and realise that the user had enabled desktop DPI scaling because of poor eyesight, or increasingly, because this is the default setting on new high DPI laptops.

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What is an email developer to do? Every time someone opens your email in Outlook, it is transformed into something unrecognisable by the word rendering engine. This is the root cause of the problem, and until now no one really knew why emails were being horribly disfigured by desktop scaling. Here's what happens:.

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This is why your fonts look blown out, or conversely, why your tables look like they are crunched. Your fonts, padding, margins, borders, etc. Define all table cell pixel widths and heights using inline styles. They will then be converted to points by Outlook. This isn't necessary for percentage widths since it's already a relative unit. To make VML and images scale properly, add this markup to your header don't forget the xml namespaces. These findings are preliminary and have yet to be field tested, so please post your feedback and I will update accordingly.

Happy coding! Edit: Vastly simplified thanks to some special xml that hopefully fixes VML and image scaling. Again, not field tested, but promising from what I've been able to see. Edit: Solution confirmed to be working by jmwhite.

Edit: Still need height attribute for Gmail, added some extra styles to make cellspacing and cellpadding scale properly. I think its got to do with the cellspacing and cellpadding you have on the table that has the image.

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A comment on font sizes: As stated in this excellent post font-size "px" values are converted into "pt" values, but it seems they are rounded to half pt:s. The same goes for line-height. So if your CSS says font-size: 15px; line-height: 22px; Outlook converts it to font-size: This is effectively displayed as The font is therefore larger than intended.

This is great! Thanks for the help!I assume I am creating the image wrong, does anyone have any tips for a crystal clear image in the signature?

On a laserprinter, this would be optimally printed at 0. Sure, you don't have to print point for point, but until you get near the dpi range it is just gonna look crappy. If you've got the space I would make it a full x Can it look too good? Text conversion happens usually on the recep. For that reason we did not use an image in our sig. They still made us use a font and colors though which also is dropped in text mode.

outlook image dpi

When using iOS devices to reply to or forward emails, images embedded in a signature are sometimes removed from the email body and go as attachments instead. This happens because some email clients, usually the ones on mobile devices, remove images to reduce mobile data usage the recipient can choose to open images or not.

I agree, using a HTML editor does give a better result, but when I have an office of 30 users I would prefer if they could whip one up themselves using the built in one. The only down side is I have to create them, but at least we are moving towards a company standard. We use images in sigs and have no problem, we normally create the signature in Word, Then copy and paste it into the Outlook signature editor. Of course I answered in much too much detail for as little as I read.

I still think that's a small BML for an email, try at least doubling the size and not using all the available compression. I agree with David. It's the resolution of the pic that's likely the problem. I suggest you play around with the resolution until you find the smallest resolution that looks good.

This way you minimize the impact on your server and network. David, I did end up with a perfect image after winding resolution up to dpi and setting the image with as 4cm, just letting the pixel dimensions calculate out to whatever they needed to be. Lots of technical thinking in reply to the problem. I make 96dpi images. That's the resolution Outlook will use to display them and that's why 72dpi images are blurry, say hello to your new crisp and sharp signatures from today Don't thank me just send money :P.

Change your image to have 96DPI. Weird I know. Works though. It will import at the correct size. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Can anybody tell me what causes outlook to blur an image when inserted into a signature? Image is a x60 png file saved at 72 dpi from PhotoShop attached Problem happeining in Outlook and Have tried other formats like gif and jpg but no luck.

Outlook seems to enlarge the image and not let you adjust it. Cheers, Cam. Best Answer. David This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional.

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We found 3 helpful replies in similar discussions:. Fast Answers!As email marketers, we all have always highly desired to befriend Outlook, but thanks to the limited support, most HTML emails look real disaster in Outlook versions.

dpi (Dots per inch) Explained

Take larger font sizes, tiny tables and images running around all over the place, whoa! Coding emails for outlook looks like a daunting task to most HTML developers. DPI scaling is the real culprit that creates visual difficulties. In such cases their DPI scaling maybe the little imp that reduces your tear-jerking email down to flame and tears.

These are not marketing gimmicks but terms assigned to number of dots or pixela specific display can accommodate. Testing of emails in Higher DPI is no tough nut to crack. All you need to do is change your DPI scaling in your Windows based device. Just to give you a quick overview about the issues, with Outlook DPI scaling problems, normally your images might misbehave; fonts might become larger and thicker along with gaps in between your layouts. Use fixed width styles as show below.

DPI scaling is one of the major problems that developers face. There are many other render ability issues with Outlook and will provide a few Outlook hacks in our upcoming posts. We would like to thank EmailonAcid for initiating the concern and we have built upon their workarounds for enhancing the knowledge of our readers.

I have followed the solution you gave us. Please suggest me the good way to solve image rendering issue. Hey Kevin, Please share your email code and concern at hello at Uplers. Uplers would be happy to help you. When same newsletter comes on mac basesd MS-Outlook, it renders correctly. Please help. Thanks, Dhaval Ninawe. Focus on your business strategy; let us handle the day-to-day operation of your email campaigns.

Eliminate the woes of hiring and training for resources with our dedicated team of scalable email experts. Get more from your paid marketing campaigns through conversion-driven landing pages and banners. Subscribe Now Subscribe to our newsletter. Higher resolutions are pesky!

Image Quality in Signatures

The following two tabs change content below. About Latest Posts Related Posts. Kevin George. Kevin is the Head of Marketing at Email Uplers, one of the fastest-growing email design and coding companies.

He is a brand magician who loves to engage, share insights with fellow marketers, and enjoys sharing his thoughts on the latest email marketing best practices. Latest posts by Kevin George see all. Enroute Email? Kevin Joe. December 15, December 20, Dhaval Ninawe. May 4, Leave a Reply Cancel Reply. Learn More.As we know, we can easily insert images into a signature in Outlook. However, the signature editor does not support to format the image, including resizing.

Here, this article will introduce a couple of solutions to resize blurry images in signatures in Outlook. Resize blurry image in signature by modifying the HTM file of signature.

outlook image dpi

Provided by Kutools for Outlook. Click for day free trial without limitation! Therefore, we can resize the image in message body, and then copy it into the signature. Please do as follows:. See screenshot:. Now the selected signature is inserted into the message body. Right click the image you will resize, and select Size and Positions from the right-clicking menu.

In the opening Layout dialog box, please type the percentage you will resize the images to into both Height and Width boxes in the Scale section, and click the OK button. Note : You can also select the image you will resize, and then resize it with drag its edge as you need. Now the image has been resized in the message body. Open a folder in your computer, paste below folder path into the Address box, and press the Enter key.

Now change the values of width and height in the code as you need. Open the folder containing Outlook signatures. Assign auto signature to every email in Outlook.

Align or float images in Outlook signatures. Add or insert horizontal line in Outlook signature. Log in. Remember Me Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Password Reset. Please enter the email address for your account.

outlook image dpi

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